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Here at JustSUE we seek the truth, and document truth and myths about education and schooling.

We are a group of educators, parents, students, researchers and writers who want a more accurate understanding of education and schooling. While we have a particular empahis on public education in Louisiana, we fully recognize that the issues we face are being faced all over this country. Learning from one another, we also seek out and expose the many myths that seem to be finding favor in some circles.

We invite comments and questions from everyone. We do not profess to have found the truth; instead we seek out, and provide, data and research to further our understandings.

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Public Education and Its Myth Contents!

In this section we will explore the many myths about public schools that so-called “reformers” use to fool the public. We will outline the myth itself, helping you to recognize when it is being used, and then we will help you understand why it is a myth. Over the next few weeks, each myth will have data and research overlays you can go to to more fully understand it. In addition, you will often find a BLOG or two on the subject of each of the common myths